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Are you an influencer, social media savant, youtube sensation, forex teacher or trader, website publisher, mobile marketer, media buyer, digital marketer, webmaster or affiliate network member? Then earn generous commissions of up to 35% per conversion by directing your audience to ProfitMama.

Join the Fast Money Team today! We have cutting-edge tracking technology for our partners to help you keep up with your clients.

Profitmama Partnership

You become our partner the moment you subscribe to Profitmama's products. No affiliate application and requirements are needed.

Promote Like a Pro

Our partners have access to great promotional ad banners for websites and social media in different sizes to represent Profitmama everywhere.

Track Your Referrals & Commissions

Get direct access to your campaign’s performance data to track your referrals and your commissions.

Monthly Payout

Get your PayPal account ready to receive your payout every time your referral renew. The more referral you bring, the more you will earn.

Do you have questions?

1. How can I become an affiliate with Profitmama?

There is no required application. You automatically become our affiliate when you subscribe to our service.

2. What is the rank structure?

We do not have an MLM structure. Our commission percentage increase based on referral volume:


Starter I

25.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 1
Starter II

26.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 2
Starter III

27.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 3

28.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 30

29.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 75
Partner I

30.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 250
Partner II

31.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 500
Partner III

32.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 1000
Partner IV

33.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 2500
Platinum Partner 34.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 5000

3. When is the payout?

Profitmama pays its partners via PayPal every first of the month. (Pay from the subscription renewal members only.)

4. Does Profitmama have a tracking system?

Yes, we have an advanced and analytical tracking system.

5. Do we have access to promo banners, coupons, etc?

Yes. Feel free to contact our Business Support for the marketing coupons.