How it works

1. What do I need to start?

If you already have a Forex trading account with a broker, simply add your MT4 and your broker server to the system and connect to a strategy.

If you are completely new to Forex please follow these steps:

  • Profit Mama is not a forex brokerage, we don’t accept deposits.
  • Find a good forex broker that you can trust to deposit your money to trade.
  • Once you deposit your money in your trading account, you can connect to Profit Mama with your MT4 login credentials
  • Since you can have multiple MT4 account, connect 1 strategy per MT4 account
  • Contact our support team if you need more help.

2. What is an MT4?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is an online trading platform best-known for speculating on the forex market. Available for download on Mac, Windows, and mobile apps, it’s offered by most brokers in 2021. All you need is your MT4 username, password and broker server to connect to our system. Talk to your broker to get all your MT4 information.

3. Can I only use MT4?

The Profit Mama System is only compatible with MT4.

4. What is a broker-server?

Every Forex broker have a broker-server. If you don’t know yours, simply ask your broker’s support team. Once you have the broker-server name, just look for it in our list of broker-servers when you are adding your MT4.

If your broker-server is not in our list, please contact our support team and we will add it for you.

5. What do I need to connect to a strategy?

All you need is your: Account Number, Password, Broker Server to your MT4 accounts. Then choose one of Profit Mama’s strategies. We recommend 1 strategy per MT4 for Risk Management.

6. How many strategies can I connect to my MT4 account?

We recommend to connect 1 strategy per account. If you want to connect 8 strategies, create and fund 8 different MT4 accounts from your broker and connect each to a strategy for risk and margin management. If you need to add more MT4 accounts just click here.

7. Does the Profitmama has Risk Management settings?

Yes, Profitmama has 5 types of risk management.

  1. Risk Scaling
  2. Multiplier
  3. Fixed Lots
  4. Risk Percent
  5. Money Ratio

Go to our FAQ page for more details.

Trading Strategies and Trading System

1. How risky are these strategies?

All Profit Mama strategies are super conservative trading each order from 0.01% to 5% of the account balance by default. We built the system to reach a maximum of 5% drawdown a year.

2. Can we increase the profit in each strategy?

All the Profit Mama strategies are conservative by default to decrease the amount of losses. With our advanced risk management system, you can increase your profit to make each strategy more aggressive. In general, aggressive trading method will grow your account faster as your losses will be larger.

3. How much money do I need to trade?

We are not allowed to give financial advices as we are a software company. In general, trading forex requires leverage, the more trading capital you have, the more profit you will earn. Our system can trade any balance size.

4. How much money can I make?

We are not allowed to give financial advices and financial promises. Our system produce around 0% to 5% monthly return per strategy. We are running 8+ strategies and continuously adding more. The more strategies you are connected to your MT4 accounts, the more yearly profit you could gain.

5. Can I stop the strategies any time?

Yes! You have full control of the strategies. You can activate and de-activate them instantly anytime you want.

Fast Money - Affiliate Progran

1. How can I become an affiliate with Profit Mama?

There is no required application. You automatically become our affiliate when you subscribe to our service.

2. What is the rank structure?

We do not have an MLM structure. Our commission percentage increase based on referral volume:


Starter I

25.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 1
Starter II

26.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 2
Starter III

27.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 3

28.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 30

29.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 75
Partner I

30.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 250
Partner II

31.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 500
Partner III

32.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 1000
Partner IV

33.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 2500
Platinum Partner 34.00 %
Number of Referrals
From: 5000

3. When is the payout?

Profit Mama pays its partners via PayPal every first of the month. (Pay from the subscription renewal members only.)

4. Does Profit Mama have a tracking system?

Yes, we have an advanced and analytical tracking system.

5. Do we have access to promo banners, coupons, etc?

Yes. Feel free to contact our Business Support for the marketing coupons.