What is Profitmama?

Profitmama was founded in 2015. We are a company that specializes in developing trading and financial applications. Our aim is to provide our customers with innovative forex products and services to trade and to help investing in the Forex market.

Profitmama prides itself on its full-in-house capability for all technical and development requirements on a truly global scale. We are hosted in world-class data centers that allow us to offer a highly scalable infrastructure in a secure environment.

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About Profitmama Strategies

Every trading system starts with a good trading strategy. A trading strategy is the method of buying and selling in markets that is based on predefined rules used to make trading decisions and to define the exact entry and exits.

Then we code each strategy, analyze it, back-test it, optimize and run it through a walk-forward analysis, prior to going live.  This process takes multiple years to complete. All our strategies are automatic, semi-automatic and manual and have been running live for 5 to 6 years with real in-house traders and analysts monitoring each trades.

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How to get started?

Profitmama is an one stop shop! No need to look for high paid traders, expensive trading services or cheap robots that will blow out your account. You will find everything that you need to trade Forex automatically in our platform.

No traders fees, no hidden fees, no connection fees, no software downloads, no EA, no VPS. Pay one fee per month or per year to connect your account to all the strategies. It’s all web based, trading 24/5 automatically!

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Profitmama Trading System Features

Add your Trading Account (MT4)

Create Your Trading Portfolio

Enable/Disable Strategies

Risk Management Feature

Change Risk Type

Change Max Lot

Fast Money Program

Do you have questions?

1. What do I need to start?

If you already have a Forex trading account with a broker, simply add your MT4 and your broker server to the system and connect to a strategy.

If you are completely new to Forex please follow these steps:

  • Profitmama is not a forex brokerage, we don’t accept deposits.
  • Find a good forex broker that you can trust to deposit your money to trade.
  • Once you deposit your money in your trading account, you can connect to Profitmama with your MT4 login credentials
  • Since you can have multiple MT4 accounts, make sure to connect 1 strategy per MT4 account
  • Contact our support team if you need more help.

2. What is an MT4?

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is an online trading platform best-known for speculating on the forex market. Available for download on Mac, Windows, and mobile apps, it’s offered by most brokers in 2021. All you need is your MT4 username, password and broker server to connect to our system. Talk to your broker to get all your MT4 information.

3. Can I only use MT4?

The Profitmama Trading System is only compatible with MT4.

4. What is a broker-server?

Every Forex broker have a broker-server. If you don’t know yours, simply ask your broker’s support team. Once you have the broker-server name, just look for it in our list of broker-servers when you are adding your MT4.

If your broker-server is not in our list, please contact our support team and we will add it for you.

5. What do I need to connect to a strategy?

All you need is your MT4 accounts added to the system. 1 MT4 account per strategy.

6. How many strategies can I connect to my MT4 account?

We recommend to connect 1 strategy per account. If you want to connect 8 strategies, create and fund 8 different MT4 accounts from your broker and connect each to a strategy for risk and margin management.

7. Does the Profitmama have Risk Management settings?

Yes, Profitmama has 5 types of risk management.

  1. Risk Scaling
  2. Multiplier
  3. Fixed Lots
  4. Risk Percent
  5. Money Ratio

Go to our FAQ page for more details.

8. What Does Each Risk Setting Mean?

Here at Profitmama we use 5 different Risk Settings:

  • Risk Scaling – Receiver’s lot size will be set so that it scales by a scale factor with the provider’s risk. This is the recommended option because it makes receiver’s account has the same growth/risk rate as provider’s. Example: Provider trades 0.5 lot with balance 1000$ –> Receiver with balance $2000 and scale factor 1 will trade 1.0 lot. Receiver with balance $2000 and scale factor 2 will trade 2.0 lot. This is the recommended option because it make receiver’s account has the same growth/risk rate as provider’s.
  • Multiplier –  Lot size will be multiplied by a factor with Provider’s lot size. Only use this option if you know the lot size setting manner of the provider, otherwise you may suffer whipsaw by over lot size.
  • Fixed Lots – Every trade on receiver’s account will be set with a fixed lot size regardless of provider’s lot size or receiver’s balance.
  • Risk Percent – Enter a specific risk percentage for each trade if stop loss occurs. Example: A trade with 20pip stop loss is copied, receiver’s lot size will be set, so that if stop loss occurs receiver will lose 5% of balance. This regime is only applied for trades with predefined stop loss; with no-stop loss traded, it will not be copied until the stop loss is added.
  • Money Ratio – Lot size will be scaled with receiver’s balance. Example: Lot size is 1 lot if balance is $1000, then lot size will be 1.5 lot when balance is $1500.

Have more questions? Please visit our FAQ page