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1. How risky are these strategies?

All Profitmama strategies are super conservative with low drawdown. It trades each order from 0.01% to 5% of the account balance by default. We built the system to reach a maximum of 15% drawdown

2. Can we increase the profit in each strategy?

All the Profitmama strategies are conservative by default to decrease the amount of losses. With our advanced risk management system, you can increase your profit to make each strategy more aggressive. In general, aggressive trading method will grow your account faster as your losses will be larger. Expert traders know how to use our system aggressively and produce massive returns.

3. How much money do I need to trade?

We are not allowed to give financial advices as we are a software company. In general, trading forex requires leverage, the more trading capital you have, the more profit you will earn. Our system can trade any balance size.

4. How much money can I make?

We are not allowed to give financial advices and financial promises. Our system produce around 0% to 18% monthly return per strategy. We are running 8+ strategies and continuously adding more. The more strategies you are connected to your MT4 accounts, the more yearly profit you will gain.

5. Can I stop the strategies any time?

Yes! You have full control of the strategies. You can activate and de-activate them instantly anytime you want.

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